Tuesday, March 2, 2010

How to Manage small Internet Station Part II

Today, I will discuss about the questions in general from the common commentaire around the net, because the answer depends on several conditions and situations such these..

1. Electricity Cost

Electricity costs per month determined by the demand for electricity from these cafes. To estimate the reasonable cost of electricity would be used in the analysis of how much electrical power needs. As an example the case we are trying to calculate how much electrical power required by the cafe with the following configuration:

* PC: 11 units @ 200 watts
* Monitor: 11 units of CRT 15 "@ 90 watts
* Printer: inkjet @ 1 unit of 40 watts
* Scanner: 1 unit @ 45watt
* Light indoor: 4 pieces TL @ 25watt
* Light outdoor: 2 pieces TL @ 50watt
* AC: 2 pieces @ 1.5 PK (1 pk = 746 watts, 1.5 pk = 1119)
* Cooler: 1 unit @ 90 watts

Total power requirement is:

* PC = 11 x 200 = 2200 watts
* Monitor = 90 = 11 x 990 watt
* Printer = 40 = 1 x 40 watt
* Scanner = 45 = 1 x 45 watt
* Light indoor = 25 = 4 x 100 watts
* Light outdoor = 50 = 2 x 100 watt
* AC = 2 x 1119 = 2238 watts
* Cooler = 90 = 1 x 90 watt
* Total demand = 5803 watts of power

Viewed from the exposure on the electric power installed the recommended minimum is 6600 watts. The cost of electricity to power it used to be in the range of Rp 900.000 s / d Rp 1.500.000 per month. Many ways (kosher) to reduce electrical power consumption. For example: using the LCD monitor, pc turn off / monitor is not used, set the temperature of the air conditioner at a temperature not too cold (22 to 25 degrees Celsius).

2. Connection cost per month.

Speaking of fee connection, then the choice is varied and depends on the wide-bandwidth, media connections, quality, etc.. Details about this can be read at warnetpedia. My advice, first determine your bandwidth needs just spoke connection costs. For the cost can be seen from the ISP sites in Indonesia.

3. Are Internet business cafe can survive up to 5 years?

Sure can. Which determines the ability of the Internet cafe management is able to survive the competition. The competition here should be viewed in general. Rival cafe cafe is not just neighbors. ISPs are also rival cafe, because there are products of their services which compete directly with the internet cafe. PC / Notebook inexpensive cafe also competing. The combination of PC / Notebook cheaper and cheaper products or ISP that free WiFi access is a real threat to the existence Warnet. Therefore, the cafe should be able to place the target market and with the right service if you do not want out of the competition.

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4. Which is more profitable Internet Station (Warnet) or online gaming?

This question is difficult to answer without accurate data. Everyone's experience can be different but we can analyze it as follows: Warnet specifications usually do not need high computer game center. In terms of price, Warnet generally center on the game that actually requires specification of higher computers. However, the invisible, game center is more crowded than Warnet. Some cafes also provide online game as part of their service. I think this is the best middle ground with a note that games and the Internet cafe users to remember separate the two very different characters.

5. Occupancy levels.

The general level of occupancy is from 7 to 9 hours. Under the 7-hour cafe was comparatively quiet. While on the 9-hour count crowded cafe (once). Rare is the cafe which has occupancy levels of over 9 hours.

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